Bihar famous for these 11 noteworthy things

Bihar famous for developing some of the best IAS officers in Indian history, has many other noteworthy aspects that remain unknown to a many people.

From ancient landmarks to food and festivals, Bihar’s unique attributes contribute to its distinct charm. This state, rich in producing the best minds and work force for the country, waiting to captivate those eager to explore the lesser-known facets that make Bihar famous for more than its Bhojpuri songs and IAS officers.

In this article, we will see in detail eleven noteworthy things which make Bihar famous.

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  1. Bihar famous for these
    1. Bodh Gaya
      1. Bodh Gaya famous for:
    2. Nalanda University (Nalanda mahavihara)
      1. Nalanda University is famous for:
    3. Chath Festival
    4. Bihar famous for Litti Chokha
    5. Tilkut another delicacy makes Bihar famous
    6. Bihar Famous For: Intricacies of Madhubani Art
    7. Khaja another sweet delicacy
    8. Sarswati Puja
    9. Bhagalpuri Silk Sari
    10. Bihar Famous For, Resilient Aspirants
    11. Handi Mutton
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Bihar famous for these

Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya, located in the Gaya district of Bihar, stands about 150 kilometers away from the capital city, Patna. This sacred site holds immense significance for Buddhists worldwide, as it is the very place where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment.

Welcoming tourists from across the globe, Bodh Gaya is renowned for its spiritual aura and historical importance. This place is not just a destination; it’s a pilgrimage for those seeking solace and connection with the teachings of Buddha.

Bodh Gaya famous for:

  1. The Maha Bodhi Temple : This temple is house of Diamond Throne (Vajrasan) of Gautam Buddha. Additionally, this sacred shrine holds historical significance, encapsulating the essence of Buddha’s enlightenment.
  2. The Bodhi Tree : Beneath the sacred branches of the Bodhi Tree, Buddha attained enlightenment. This holy tree is a symbol of spiritual awakening and remains deeply connected to the profound journey of Gautam Buddha, making it a must-visit for pilgrims and seekers of inner peace.
  3. The Great Buddha Statue: The Great Buddha Statue is a monumental representation of serenity and wisdom, serving as a visual testament to Buddha’s teachings.
  4. Sujata Stupa: The Sujata Stupa, a serene structure, commemorates the generosity of Sujata, who offered a bowl of rice milk to Buddha during his ascetic days.

Nalanda University (Nalanda mahavihara)

Nalanda university is possibly world’s first university which 1500 years old. It is considered to be world’s first residential university. Their are many famous personality from historical era associated with this university.

Furthermore, it is an UNESCO heritage site.

It is said to be that, the university was attacked by an emperor known as Bakhtiyar Khalji. However, India government decided to revive it in the year of 2010.

Nalanda University is famous for:

  1. World’s first residential university.
  2. Many renown scholars from countries like China, Tibbet, Korea travelled to Nalanda University in the past to get education.
  3. Most of the knowledge of Nalanda comes from the writings of monks Xuanzang and Yijing, who travelled to the Mahavihara in the 7th century CE.
  4. Historical individuals associated with Nalanda include Aryabhata, Nagarjuna, Xuanzang.

Chath Festival

The Chhath (छठ) festival is the most famous festival in Bihar, a time when all modes of transportation to the state are fully booked in advance. Bihari people, regardless of where they reside in the world, make it a point to travel to Bihar during this auspicious occasion.

Bihar famous for chath festival

This grand festival commences on the sixth day of the month of Kartika and spans four days. It is dedicated to the worship of Lord Sun, with devotees seeking his blessings and praying for the health and prosperity of their families.

Remarkably, Chhath is unique in that it is the only festival that worships both the rising and setting Sun. This practice reflects the deep-seated affection of the people of Bihar.

Also, it shows their respect for both ups and downs of a life.

Another interesting fact which makes this festival more respectable that during these four days, the devotees eat only once for first two days, the third day is complete fast, forbidding the intake of water as well.

Bihar famous for Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha delicacy which make Bihar famous

itti Chokha, Bihar famous for this delicacy masterpiece food, serves not only as a food item but as a symbol representing the cultural identity of the state. This widely popular dish, particularly eaten during the winter season, consists of Litti – dough balls stuffed with Sattu, a special flour made from chickpeas.

Traditionally, the best flavor is derived when Litti Chokha is prepared on earthen stove using cow dung as fuel. However, these days the limitations of cow dung in urban areas, people use gas stoves or ovens.

For anyone visiting Bihar, not indulging in the flavors of Litti Chokha would mean missing out on an essential part of the state’s cultural and culinary experience. It’s more than just a dish; it’s a taste of Bihar’s traditions and a genuine connection to its cultural roots.

Tilkut another delicacy makes Bihar famous

Bihar famous for Tilkut

Tilkut is a traditional sweet from Bihar, famous for its connection to the Makar Sankranti festival.

Made from jaggery and sesame seeds, this delightful treat is often exchanged on Makar Sakranti festival.

The preparation involves roasting sesame seeds and mixing them with jaggery, creating a distinct combination of nutty and sweet flavors.

Bihar Famous For: Intricacies of Madhubani Art

madhubani art

Madhubani Art, Bihar famous for its mesmerizing beauty, is a traditional art form deeply rooted in the region’s cultural tapestry. Renowned for its vibrant colors and intricate designs, this unique art style has its origins in the rural traditions of Bihar.

Artisans skillfully create Madhubani paintings, showcasing mythological themes, religious motifs, and depictions of daily life. Each stroke and color in Madhubani art tells a story, preserving the rich cultural heritage of Bihar.

Khaja another sweet delicacy

Khaja another famous sweet in Bihar

Khaja is another delicacy from Silao area of Bihar. It is prepared best in authentic cow ghee (butter) with wheat flour.
Traditionally, weddings in Bihar considered to be incomplete without exchange of Khaja sweet with both the families.

Sarswati Puja

Sarswati Puja is another widely celebrated festival in Bihar on the occasion of Vasant Pachami. It is a festival of scholar to worship the goddess of knowledge and arts, Sarswati.

Schools, colleges, and every corners of the state transform into vibrant spaces adorned with pandals and decorations having the statue of Maa Sarswati.

Students seek the blessings of Goddess Saraswati for wisdom and success.

The air resonates with chants and the melody of traditional songs. It’s a day when education takes center stage, reflecting Bihar’s reverence for knowledge and the arts.

Bhagalpuri Silk Sari

Bhgalpur a small district in Bihar is famous for its Tussar Silk, this city is also known as Silk City of India.

The silk woven here generally used in making of Sari.

It has made Bihar famous for its quality of Silk on different fashion platforms.

Bihar Famous For, Resilient Aspirants

Bihar, famous for producing determined and resilient aspirants, consistently contributes to various competitive exams.

The absence of private industries and job opportunities enforced students from Bihar to become aspirants at an early age.

A significant number of students in Bihar undertake various competitive exams. They go through different competitive examples like IITJEE, Medical, UPSC, BPSC, and SSC, before establishing themselves in their professional careers.

As a result, individuals of Bihar origin are found in central government jobs and banks across almost every state in India.

Hence, The state’s aspirants leave an indelible mark in various sectors, showcasing Bihar’s impact on the national professional landscape.

Handi Mutton

Handi mutton delicacy from Bihar

Another delicacy from Bihar.

Handi Mutton is made by putting tasty spices on soft mutton pieces. It’s cooked slowly in a special clay pot, which makes the meat juicy and full of flavor.

Nowadays, Handi Mutton is widely available in every metro city, reflecting its growing popularity.


How is Madhubani Art related to Bihar’s cultural heritage?

Madhubani Art is deeply rooted in Bihar’s cultural life, showcasing vibrant colors and intricate designs that depict mythological themes and everyday life, preserving the state’s rich cultural heritage.

Where can I buy Madhubani Art online?

There are various online platforms to purchase authentic Madhubani Art, also, one can connect art enthusiasts from Bihar to ask them to draw a madhubani painting.

What are some famous tourist attractions in Bihar?

Places like Nalanda, Rajgir, Bodh Gaya, Patna, Buxar fort are the best tourist places in the state.

Why is Bihar famous for its aspirants?

Bihar is famous for producing determined and resilient aspirants who consistently contribute to various competitive exams, driven by the lack of private industries and job opportunities.

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